12% CBD drops 3 pcs 10ml
  • 12% CBD drops 3 pcs 10ml
  • 12% CBD drops 3 pcs 10ml
  • 12% CBD drops 3 pcs 10ml
  • 12% CBD drops 3 pcs 10ml
  • 12% CBD drops 3 pcs 10ml
  • 12% CBD drops 3 pcs 10ml
  • 12% CBD drops 3 pcs 10ml
  • 12% CBD drops 3 pcs 10ml
  • 12% CBD drops 3 pcs 10ml
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12% CBD drops 3 pcs 10ml

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CBD drops 12%.

3 pieces.

Contains: Original Full Spectrum CBD oil 10 ml. 12% CBD. Natural oil from leaves of industrial cannabis, ca. 250 drops.
The origin of our Hemp products has Organic certificate of quality issued by the Kon-cert institute in Maribor and a Report on microbiological testing.

All of our Hemp products are organically produced and have an Organic certificate.


Drops contain full spectrum cannabinoids. (a complete spectrum, over 80 different ones)

With food consumption: Every day orally 5 to 10 drops. CBD drops can be added or consumed with food or liquid. Mix them in juices, smoothies, desserts or soup. Drops can be used with epileptic seizures, skin problems (inflammation of the skin especially psoriasis), burn-outs and stress, sleep problems and nausea. They are also effective with Crohn's disease and effectively help with digestive problems. In all of the above mentioned problems people have had positive results.

Dermal contact: CBD drops can also be used directly with skin contact or in combination with your favorite cream or ointment.

Oral use: This is probably the most effective way to absorb CBD molecules in your body, since they are absorbed indirectly into the blood stream. There are 3 areas in the mouth, where the absorption is most successful: mucous membrane inside the mouth, area under the tongue and the tongue itself. The biggest effect is with a dropper under the tongue.

Inhalation: Add CBD drops in boiling water and prepare inhalation. Steam inhalation has a beneficial effect on problems with respiratory systems and sinuses.


Start with 3 drops a day and then slowly increase the dosage, up to 20 drops a day.


Shake the bottle before usage. Drops can be used with food, orally, through inhalation, applied directly on the skin and rectally. CBD drops have the fastest effect if applied directly on the root of the problem. The product should not be

exposed to sunlight.


Storage: We recommend storing them in the refrigerator.

The recommended daily dosage is not to be exceeded. Food supplements are not a compensation for a well balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.


Even though CBD is generally safe to use it can cause unwanted reactions with certain people like diarrhea and fatigue.


This product is not meant to be used as a medical treatment or prevention of any kind of disease.

Consult your doctor or a physician before use.

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