Hemp Oil 250ml
  • Hemp Oil 250ml
  • Hemp Oil 250ml
  • Hemp Oil 250ml
  • Hemp Oil 250ml
  • Hemp Oil 250ml

Hemp Oil 250ml

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Hemp Oil Eurosativa 250 ml

EUROSATIVA hemp oil represents the highest Slovenian quality. The oil is cold pressed and had a fantastic taste of nuts. It contains the optimal ratio between the fatty acids omega 3 and 6, which

is beneficial to the brain and cardiovascular system. 100% cold pressed hemp oil is suitable for children, adults, vegetarians and vegans.
The benefits of 100% hemp oil:
Great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
High quality and great taste.
Cold pressed from Slovenian hemp.
The oil can also be used to help with problematic skin.
The product is made exclusively from Slovenian hemp on the basis of newest international farming standards. The manufacturer thus ensures the highest quality of hemp products of Slovenian origin and encourages our
agriculture and economy.
Usage: 1-2 spoons a day. Suitable for use with all recipes and meals, where we would normally use olive oil. But it is not recommended to use with meals where the temperatures go over 70°C since it tends to lose the taste and quality.
Ingredients: 100% industrial hemp.
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